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A/通过磁体材料的改进,偏置电流大幅度提高低直流电阻 B/叠层独石结构、高度可靠性 C/良好的可焊性和耐焊性 D/良好的磁屏蔽,无交叉耦合

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Drilling riser buoyancy modules (DRBM’s) are made of composite syntactic foams protected by a multi-functional skin system. It can withstand high hydrostatic pressure while retaining low density, low water absorption, and good impact resistance. In offshore drilling operations, DRBM helps to improve the overall platform performance and capability by providing distributed buoyancy along the length of the riser.

DRTech offers high quality DRBM products up to 4000 m (13,000 ft) water depth. All DRTech products are rigorously tested and conform to the API 16F standard.



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